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2.5 years ago, I thankfully chose Dr.Bhrany to perform my facial reconstruction after having Mohs to remove melanoma from my right cheek. The area removed was quite large, about a 50 cent piece, in order to safely clear the margins of my melanoma. My Mohs surgeon told me, "You know, this is your face. If you have a plastic surgeon you know and trust, our feelings won't be hurt." That's when I immediately thought of Dr.Bhrany. He had removed a growth from my husband's nose. And had removed multiple lumps from my brother's scalp & done an excellent job. Dr.Bhrany got me in right away to put my cheek back together. I remember my mom being so pleased when Dr.Bhrany came out of the OR to update my family. She said how caring, thoughtful, calming, confident & reassuring he was. Weeks after my cheek had healed, Dr.Bhrany did a few laser treatments on my scar to help flatten and decrease the redness. I had my surgery April 2014 & recall at our work Christmas party that year, an old friend was shocked that you couldn't even tell I had surgery. To this day I still get compliments by friends, co-workers, family, doctors & patients on how amazing my cheek looks and how you'd never know I had surgery. Not only is Dr.Bhrany an extremely talented surgeon, but he genuinely cares a lot about each patient & makes you feel like your case is uniquely important to him. I am a Medical Assistant & I highly recommend him to family, friends & patients. In fact, my dad is going to see him in a couple weeks.

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

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