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I couldn't be more pleased with the exceptional care I received from Dr. Bhrany involving an extremely rare, aggressive skin cancer that invaded the orbit of my left eye. My SCCA dermatologist put me in touch with Dr. Bhrany who brought in Dr. Amadi to help with 3 challenging surgeries in August and September of 2016 (a total of over 15 hours). I first saw Dr. Bhrany when he was kind enough to add me to his schedule very late on a Monday after a vacation week. I suspected that it would be weeks before a surgery could be scheduled, but he thankfully accelerated the timetable, taking me to surgery 3 days later. He listened to my concerns about getting all the cancer and decided during the first surgery (5 hours/Aug 2016) to wait to do the reconstruction until the pathologist could review the tissue samples and reassure the margins were clear. A significant amount of tissue was taken from under my left eye including my lacrimal gland and part of the orbit of my eye, but I did not have clear margins. Dr. Bhrany's dedication was amazing, including my second surgery and reconstruction, which lasted from 4PM to midnight on top of an already busy day. Dr. Bhrany's knowledge, experience, and skill have resulted in my family members saying I still look like me. On top of all this, I especially appreciated Dr. Bhrany's warmth and friendliness; his caring and consideration meant a great deal during this challenging time for my family and me. I feel I received the best care possible from people who listened to and cared about me!! I am healing after 6 weeks of proton radiation therapy and continuing to be very pleased with Dr. Bhrany's care.

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

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Dr Bhrany is really fantastic -very kind, skilled and detail oriented. He did my septoplasty operation in March 2017.

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