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On Thursday, January 21st, 2010 I got my first diagnosis in Spokane, where I live. Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose. My kids talked me into taking my next steps in the Seattle area where I was referred to Dr. Berg after phone calls made by my daughter. He would perform MOHS surgery on my nose to remove the cancer. Surgery would take place on February 16, 2010 followed by cosmetic surgery to repair the nose the following day. This surgery would be performed by Dr. Bhrany. Dr. Berg had to remove 5 levels, leaving much of my nose gone. This was so scary. How was I ever going to look the same again? This brings me to February 17th, when Dr. Bhrany went in to work his magic. Little did we know at the time that this would be surgery one of five with Dr. Bhrany. We trusted him wholeheartedly. We could tell from his gentle bedside manner that he was going to take very good care of me. And he did.... This was a huge surgery where he did a forehead flap due to the large amount of my nose that Dr. Berg had to remove. This would mean that parts of my forehead would now become my nose. This surgery would also require another surgery three weeks later to remove the flap followed by one more touch up surgery after that. I will share some pictures. July 26, 2011...another spot on my nose, another biopsy...another "it's probably basal cell carcinoma". They were right. It was much less significant and they thought Dr. Berg might be able to repair it.....but, we felt strongly that the repair was Dr. Bhrany's department and he did the work on the repair. May 30, 2012...Another spot...this time on my forehead. Dr. Bhrany once again took care of me. Now, we are nearing the end of 2016 and no more visits to Dr. Berg or Dr. Bhrany. In the unfortunate event that I may ever need them again, there is no question where I would go. I would also refer any and all of my loved ones to these two dynamite doctors. No question, they are top notch. I have had 5 reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Bhrany and am now healed and very happy with my appearance. At 63 years old, you can not even tell that my nose is a combination of my forehead and my ear.

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

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After a traumatic incident (not cancer), I was in Dr. Bhrany’s excellent care for over a year and a half....

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Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient
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