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I love Dr. Bhrany and would recommend him to anyone, without reservation. After several broken noses, and a not so great rhinoplasty many years ago, my nose needed to be completely reconstructed. I was quite nervous about it as he needed to take cartilage and bone from my head, ear, and ribs. I was warned ahead of time that the ribs would be quite uncomfortable -- and it was! But I appreciated the honesty so I could be prepared. The surgery was almost 9 hours. When I woke up in recovery at 8:30pm he was there -- a very long day for him. Now I can breathe again! I was diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, which has recently been rediagnosed as "mild" now, after the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Bhrany. :)

- Rhinoplasty Patient

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2 years ago Dr. Bhrany repaired my cheek, near my eye and nose following, Moh's surgery for a small BCC. Since...

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