My Nose Looks Great!

- Rhinoplasty Patient

I went in for a consultation with Dr. Bhrany for a cosmetic nose job. He spent a lot of time with me answering my questions and he really paid attention to what I wanted. He showed me possible results on photoshop and he made sure I knew all about the surgery and what to expect. I had several different consultations and chose Dr. Bhrany because he spent the most time with me and made me feel the most comfortable. The surgery came and went and Dr. Bhrany did an amazing job. My nose is exactly what I want it to be and he always made himself available whenever I had questions. Dr. Bhrany does a great job and I highly recommend him!

Compassionate and brilliant surgeon

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

After a traumatic incident (not cancer), I was in Dr. Bhrany’s excellent care for over a year and a half. During that time he revised a wound under my eye (the scar is invisible to the naked eye) and reconstructed and refined my nose. Dr. Bhrany took great care to deliver functional and aesthetically pleasing results, and provided practical instruction on scar management that enhanced my outcome. I had no idea what to expect after the incident and the results are better than I had dared to hope. The continuity of care by one surgeon who managed the entirety from the reconstruction effort to refinement procedures — especially a surgeon as brilliant and compassionate as Dr. Bhrany — provided invaluable peace of mind during a challenging period. I am forever grateful to him for helping me to see myself again.

Absolutely the very best nose job & surgeon

- Rhinoplasty Patient

The procedures I had performed: Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction, and a Cosmetic & Functional Rhinoplasty with cartilage grafting. The procedures improved my breathing, eliminated snoring at night, and also decreased the profile of my nose and length of my septum as requested. Dr Bhrany is a humble and wonderful surgeon to work with. I work in the healthcare industry and have a lot of experience working with surgeons on a daily basis. I found Dr Bhrany through two referrals, an ENT and a dermatologist, they both stated that he is the best in the field for my complaints. I was surprised to get two referrals with such amazing reviews from other physicians. His high scale office is not in some busy hospital, but in a private remodeled home in the Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle. Once you arrive you are taken directly to your own private room. Dr Bhrany treated me like a person and was realistic with what my expectations should be, he made a point to stress he would make sure I would have a natural look after surgery, while meeting my personal requests for the shape of my nose. The whole experience from consultation, billing, follow up, and complicated time off paper work for my employer were completed without a single error. It has been a few months from my surgery day, and I am recovering well. I have a touch of normal swelling on and off, but that is to be expected for up to a year. I am able to breath like never before and do not have to take allergy medicine anymore. The appearance of my nose is wonderful and perfectly symmetrical. If you are looking for a perfect experience with a professional, Dr Bhrany is the surgeon to see.

Have 100% Trust in Dr.Bhrany’s work. He does spectacular nose job A+++++++

- Rhinoplasty Patient

A special thanks to my doctor for taking extra time to methodically and accurately diagnose and treat my Septoplasty and reconstructed tip of my nose Rhinoplasty surgery. I am extremely pleased with the care and outcome I received from Dr. Bhrany and his staff. Dr. Bhrany delivers the highest degree of service, even called to check on my recovery throughout the process of my nose surgery. He is professional, intelligent and extremely good at what he does. I can breath better now and look so confident in my looks. My first nose surgery was done in overseas which was unsuccessful. I can’t say enough about Dr. Bhrany I highly recommend him for his amazing work. Thank you so very much! Greatfully, Yasi

Magic…. – Seattle, WA

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

On Thursday, January 21st, 2010 I got my first diagnosis in Spokane, where I live. Basal Cell Carcinoma on my nose. My kids talked me into taking my next steps in the Seattle area where I was referred to Dr. Berg after phone calls made by my daughter. He would perform MOHS surgery on my nose to remove the cancer. Surgery would take place on February 16, 2010 followed by cosmetic surgery to repair the nose the following day. This surgery would be performed by Dr. Bhrany. Dr. Berg had to remove 5 levels, leaving much of my nose gone. This was so scary. How was I ever going to look the same again? This brings me to February 17th, when Dr. Bhrany went in to work his magic. Little did we know at the time that this would be surgery one of five with Dr. Bhrany. We trusted him wholeheartedly. We could tell from his gentle bedside manner that he was going to take very good care of me. And he did…. This was a huge surgery where he did a forehead flap due to the large amount of my nose that Dr. Berg had to remove. This would mean that parts of my forehead would now become my nose. This surgery would also require another surgery three weeks later to remove the flap followed by one more touch up surgery after that. I will share some pictures. July 26, 2011…another spot on my nose, another biopsy…another “it’s probably basal cell carcinoma”. They were right. It was much less significant and they thought Dr. Berg might be able to repair it…..but, we felt strongly that the repair was Dr. Bhrany’s department and he did the work on the repair. May 30, 2012…Another spot…this time on my forehead. Dr. Bhrany once again took care of me. Now, we are nearing the end of 2016 and no more visits to Dr. Berg or Dr. Bhrany. In the unfortunate event that I may ever need them again, there is no question where I would go. I would also refer any and all of my loved ones to these two dynamite doctors. No question, they are top notch. I have had 5 reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Bhrany and am now healed and very happy with my appearance. At 63 years old, you can not even tell that my nose is a combination of my forehead and my ear.

Best Ever Lift

- Face and Neck Lift Patient

Wow! Dr Bhrany is excellent I am so very pleased with the outcome of my chin and neck lift. He explained everything in as much detail as I wanted or needed to hear. He has all the newer techniques to apply. Dr Bhrany is as kind as he is good at what he does.

I love you, Dr. Bhrany!

- Rhinoplasty Patient

I love Dr. Bhrany and would recommend him to anyone, without reservation. After several broken noses, and a not so great rhinoplasty many years ago, my nose needed to be completely reconstructed. I was quite nervous about it as he needed to take cartilage and bone from my head, ear, and ribs. I was warned ahead of time that the ribs would be quite uncomfortable — and it was! But I appreciated the honesty so I could be prepared. The surgery was almost 9 hours. When I woke up in recovery at 8:30pm he was there — a very long day for him. Now I can breathe again! I was diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea, which has recently been rediagnosed as “mild” now, after the surgery. Thank you, Dr. Bhrany. 🙂

Best and Brightest facial plastic surgeon

- Rhinoplasty and Head & Neck Surgery Patient

For years I suffered with difficulty breathing through my nose but was afraid to have surgery to correct it due to the numerous terrible outcomes you can experience with nasal surgery at the hands of many surgeons out there. Dr. Bhrany had previously performed a very difficult parotid gland tumor removal for me with excellent results. Dr. Bhrany saw to it that I was left with only a tiny scar in a crease along my neck when other surgeons insisted the tumor could only be removed by making an incision on my face and sawing my jaw apart, I am grateful everyday that I was referred to Dr. Bhrany. Without hesitation I decided to have Dr. Bhrany perform my long-needed rhinoplasty to correct my deviated septum and the outcome was perfect once again. Most importantly, I can breathe comfortably and easily through my nose but additionally he was able to gain greater capacity internally while making my nose appear smaller externally, a definite plus. For this level of skill and expertise I would expect an arrogant and egotistical physician but Dr. Bhrany is the most personable and compassionate doctor I know. I would trust Dr. Bhrany and only Dr. Bhrany with any future facial surgery elective or otherwise.


- Blepharoplasty Patient

Was very pleased with the outcome, the staff was terrific, a special thanks to Christian, who gave me support and encouragement all the way! Dr. Bhrany was the best, explained everything to me, told me realistically what to expect, and he was right on target. He heard what I wanted–not that “WOW, I’m wide awake!” look, but something more natural, and I was very pleased with the results. I would recommend anyone to at least consult with him for any procedure you are interested in, and I know you will be impressed.

My surgery with Dr.Bhrany was amazing. He instilled such high quality of care and level of confidence.

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

2.5 years ago, I thankfully chose Dr.Bhrany to perform my facial reconstruction after having Mohs to remove melanoma from my right cheek. The area removed was quite large, about a 50 cent piece, in order to safely clear the margins of my melanoma. My Mohs surgeon told me, “You know, this is your face. If you have a plastic surgeon you know and trust, our feelings won’t be hurt.” That’s when I immediately thought of Dr.Bhrany. He had removed a growth from my husband’s nose. And had removed multiple lumps from my brother’s scalp & done an excellent job. Dr.Bhrany got me in right away to put my cheek back together. I remember my mom being so pleased when Dr.Bhrany came out of the OR to update my family. She said how caring, thoughtful, calming, confident & reassuring he was. Weeks after my cheek had healed, Dr.Bhrany did a few laser treatments on my scar to help flatten and decrease the redness. I had my surgery April 2014 & recall at our work Christmas party that year, an old friend was shocked that you couldn’t even tell I had surgery. To this day I still get compliments by friends, co-workers, family, doctors & patients on how amazing my cheek looks and how you’d never know I had surgery. Not only is Dr.Bhrany an extremely talented surgeon, but he genuinely cares a lot about each patient & makes you feel like your case is uniquely important to him. I am a Medical Assistant & I highly recommend him to family, friends & patients. In fact, my dad is going to see him in a couple weeks.

Amazing Job!

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

Dr. Bhrany is a very skilled surgeon. I had a scar on the side of my nose, skin and cartilage had been removed from a previous Doctor. He reconstructed my nose with cartilage from my ear and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had many consultations with other plastic surgeon’s, Dr. Bhrany was the first surgeon who I trusted. He is very kind and humble and works with you to get the results you want. I couldn’t recommend him more, he was more than worth the wait and I’m so glad I had Dr. Bhrany perform my surgery.

Amazing staff and doctors

- Rhinoplasty Patient

I had septorhinoplasty with rib graft in March 2017 and I couldn’t be more happier. My nose used to collapse when I tried breathing through my nose. Dr Bharany explained the surgery to me and addressed all my concerns before surgery and after surgery. I was anxious to go home after surgery and was a little drowsy and understand what he told my family, he called me at 11pm to make sure I was ok and understood how to manage my pain at night. I’m 5 months post-op and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Cleft Repair, Rhinoplasty and Deviated Septum Repair – A+ Results – Seattle, WA

- Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty Patient

I haven’t really won the lottery before, but I feel like i did after being referred to Dr. Bhrany after my initial surgeon couldn’t finish the work we had already begun. Meeting with Dr. Bhrany it was soon evident that he would be able to take over and be successful in what was very nerve-wracking. Pre-op appointments went smoothly, and he even went above and beyond to help repair a separate scar that wasn’t initially on the docket for the procedure that morning. He was present to meet with my family and to clear up any final questions before the operation, and all post op interactions went well. Photographs of my work were also provided upon request which made it nice and easy to share the results with family. If you have a chance to have Dr. Bhrany involved with your procedure, don’t skip a beat. It will be worth it. I’m just so fortunate that things fell into place and he just so happened to have been the one to help me finish the project. I had a deviated septum that needed repair, as well as some light facial reconstruction and rhinoplasty. Everything went well and I couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Bhrany is the best at what he does!

- Chin Augmentation Patient

Dr. Bhrany is one of the most patient, caring, talented doctors. I had a mentoplasty and the results were everything I could ask for and more. I had always been self-conscious of a lack of chin and didn’t want a mandibular advancement which is much more invasive and could result in facial numbness and other complications. He checked in and followed up with multiple visits after to ensure everything healed correctly and to see if it’s what I thought. I definitely recommend him and have already recommended him to friends looking for similar results.

Such compassion and skill!

- Botox & Facial Filler Patient

I saw Dr. Bhrany initially for a consultation to discuss my options for improving the look of my under eye area. Right from the start he made me feel so comfortable and took the the time to answer all my questions. We decided together that filler and Botox would improve this area. He made sure I was comfortable during the procedure and his skill was evident. I am so happy with my results and have recommended him to several friends!

This Doctor Review is way overdue!

- Skin Cancer Removal & Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

Dr. Amit Bhrany was a guiding light in a time of fog & darkness after the diagnosis of my rare form of Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Perineal Invasion. What is this? How could this be? What should I do? Dr. Bhrany with his calm demeanor, presented options for cancer treatment in an instructive, informative and intelligent manner that included which treatment he would follow and why. And time was not on his radar. If you needed 2 hours to discuss all the treatment options, he would give that time. He knew that and his approach led to a unified decision with myself, my family and my treatment team that we all committed to. We started down the path together with an 8 + hour surgery that went incredibly well along with the recovery and the follow-up surgery’s. His surgical work was nothing short of gifted & amazing. We now are on the other side of the most difficult time in my life and I feel incredibly blessed that Dr. Bhrany was a major part of my treatment team. He can bring his amazing surgical gifts to whoever needs them and the world is a better place for it.

Highly Recommend – Seattle, WA

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

Dr. Bhrany performed a facial reconstruction after I had MOHS for basal cell carcinoma on my forehead and under my eye. In both places, the MOHS went deeper than expected. However, Dr. Bhrany beautifully closed both my forehead and the one under my eye. He was precise and made sure that it was done as well as possible. He is very warm, and constantly checked in with me pre, during, and post surgery to make sure I was happy with the work that he did. I would recommended him to anyone. To this day, when people see post MOHS pictures, but pre Dr. Bhrany’s facial reconstruction they can not believe the results. Most people do not even realize that I had surgery! Thanks again!

Great Results!

- Botox Patient

Dr. Bhrany is very professional and knowledgeable. My first appointment I felt very comfortable and pleased his office was so accommodating. I’m new to Botox and I felt he really listened to me and what I was trying to accomplish, this was about 4 months ago and my results were excellent!

Dr. Bhrany is amazing and wonderful! – Seattle, WA

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

Dr. Bhrany is an amazing and talented surgeon and the nicest person. Having had multiple surgeries with him after disfiguring face cancers, he makes everything go back together perfectly. When I was searching for a facial plastic surgeon to work with the cancer removal doctor, he was highly regarding by so many people including other doctors in his field. He calls me the evening of my procedure or the next day personally to check on me and see if I need anything, this is truly a doctor who is very committed to his patients and how they feel about their experience. Thank you Dr. Bhrany for everything.

I’m very happy with my results

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient

Dr Bhrany is a very special person. He is an excellent surgeon and has wonderful sensitive “bedside” manner. I never thought after seeing the results of the surgery to remove my cancer that is woduld ever look next to normal again. Then they sent me to Dr Bhrany. My lip was so dramatic looking after his work with all the stitches I was sure It would never heal and I would look awful. Dr Bhrany assured me given time that it would heal and I should have a nearly normal or normal looking lip. He was right and I have to thank him whenever I look in the mirror.

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