Vascular Laser Treatment

(Nd:Yag 1064nm)

Reduce redness and fine vessels

Why suffer needlessly with unsightly veins on the face and legs? The Spectrum’s long pulse Nd:Yag laser will diminish the appearance of existing small veins. The 1064nm laser light is delivered through the skin and into the vein where the energy is absorbed. As a result, the vein walls collapse and seal shut, reducing and eliminating their appearance. Treatment works best on small vessels, 3mm or less.

Who is a candidate for vascular laser treatment?

Eliminating veins with the nd:Yag laser is quick and effective for most individuals, though a test spot will need to be performed on those with darker skin tones. It is most effective on vessels that are 3mm or less and can treat conditions such as rosacea and telangiectasia (spider veins).

Does it hurt?

Laser treatment with the nd:Yag is a tolerable procedure for most patients and causes little discomfort following application of a topical lidocaine cream. Typically, the lidocaine is applied 10-15 minutes prior to treatment to ensure maximum comfort for the patient.

What is the recovery time following treatment?

Since the nd:Yag specifically targets blood vessels, there is a chance that bruising may occur following treatment and last for several days. Although make-up and skin care products may be applied as usual immediately after each treatment, it is best to schedule your appointments with this in mind.

How many treatments will I need?

Most patients require at least 3 treatments for significant results to be achieved. However, others may require even more. We will work with you to establish a plan of care to best suit your skin type and needs.

What results can I expect?

You may begin to see a reduction of small veins in the area targeted after the very first treatment. These veins may return after a couple weeks, but will be less likely to do so after consecutive treatments. You may also have some bruising after each treatment, but this will fade in several days.

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