Introduction to Facelift

Considered to be one the most popular cosmetic surgeries, a Facelift can do wonders to provide a more youthful look and bolster confidence for those who have concerns about their aging appearance. At Seattle Face & Skin, we strive to provide our Seattle Facelift patients with natural, long-lasting results about which they can be proud. To learn more about the procedure and find out if it’s right for you, please review the information below:

Facelift at First Glance:

  • Surgery Time: On average, a facelift takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete.
  • Surgery Cost: The cost of a facelift in Seattle is approximately $12,000-$25,000 To get the most accurate cost, please schedule a consultation.
  • Recovery Time: Every patient is different, but the average immediate recovery time is approximately 10-14 days.
  • Results: Lasts several years

The Facelift Expertise of Dr. Bhrany

  • Dr. Bhrany devotes his practice to aesthetic facial rejuvenation and reconstruction
  • Dr. Bhrany is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon (American Board of Otolaryngology and American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery) as well as an active member of the AAFPRS
  • Dr. Bhrany is an expert in facial surgery, especially the deep plane facelift technique
  • Dr. Bhrany is a University of Washington (UW) faculty member who teaches other surgeons on how to perform facelift surgery, both at UW and around the country
  • Dr. Bhrany is a Seattle Top Doc

What is a Facelift?

Facelifts are surgical procedures performed to improve loose facial skin, jowling, jawline definition, and neck contour. A facelift does not solely involve repositioning and tightening skin but also focuses on mobilizing underlying soft tissue called the SMAS ( superficial muscular aponeurotic system ) and the fat tissues. Incisions are placed in and around natural skin creases as well as the hairline such that when healed they are minimally noticeable.The incision usually extends from in front of the ear down around the lobe and then behind the ear into the hairline behind your ear.

Face/Neck Lift Gallery

There are many different techniques for performing facelifts. Some techniques (ie mini-lift, S-lift, Thread lift) have more limited incisions and tissue removal, claiming shorter downtime. These techniques can be effective for younger patients with minimal laxity and excess skin. But they are also likely to have less impact and less staying power in reversing the appearance of aging. Because of their technical ease, these procedures are often performed by less experienced surgeons performing plastic surgery procedures.

Most patients over the age of fifty have a greater degree of skin laxity and jowling that require a definitive facelift surgery for the best result. These procedures not only address the skin but also reposition deeper tissues likely to have a longer-lasting effect.

Deep Plane Facelift

A deep plane facelift is a definitive facelift technique that results in natural, long lasting results. The goal of a deep plane face lift is to not only lift and reposition the skin but also deeper tissues (SMAS fascia and platysma muscle tissue) that anchors the facelift. During the procedure, the deep plane is entered underneath the skin at a line that begins from the back of the jaw (the angle of the jaw) up to the corner of the eyelids (the lateral canthus). From that point on, the deep plane is elevated with release of multiple deep connective tissues of the face and neck (facial ligaments) to allow for less tension and ability to elevate not only the jowls and neck tissue but soft tissue of the cheek. The result is a more natural appearing recreation of a defined jawline, neck contour and cheek volume.


A mini-facelift often refers to a facelift procedure with shorter incisions and less dissection and elevation of facial and neck skin. The advantages include the potential for a shorter scar and less swelling and downtime. The disadvantages though are less of a change and the possibility of needing another procedure shortly down the road. In addition, the theoretical advantage of the limited incision of a mini-facelift is negligible as most definitive facelift procedure incisions heal extremely well and end up being minimally noticeable. But some younger patients can be good candidates, and this procedure is a possible option for rejuvenating the lower face and neck for those with mild jowling and neck laxity.

What are the Benefits of a Facelift?

For our patients who want to address signs of aging in their lower face and neck and also have considerable sagging of the midface, a facelift is likely the best option. A facelift in Seattle can:

  • Contour the jawline
  • Recreate neck definition
  • Smooth deep facial creases
  • Improve the appearance of “marionette” lines and folds around the mouth
  • Produces natural results
  • Tighten up sagging skin
  • Restore lifted cheeks

Who are the Best Candidates for Facelift?

There is no ideal age for a facelift. We all age at different rates with different degrees of tissue laxity, facial volume loss, and desire for facial rejuvenation. Typically, patients considering undergoing facelift surgery are in their late forties and above. Patients often ask how long a facelift lasts. Since the aging process continues, some may consider an additional procedure eight to ten years after the first.

What’s the First Step?

The initial consultation centers around your goals of rejuvenating your face examination and a discussion of how best to meet your vision.

During your consultation, a variety of treatment options will be discussed. A method is chosen that results in the best cosmetic and functional outcome for you. Pre and post-operative examples of other similar patients’ facial procedures are often reviewed. The details of the procedure and post-operative care are explained, and any questions you may have are answered. If a plan is confirmed to move forward with surgery, you meet with our patient care coordinator to schedule a surgery date.

Before your surgery, you may have one more pre-operative visit. This visit typically involves a pre-operative history and physical at our office. This visit is performed to assess any medical issues you may have and to ensure that your surgery is conducted most safely. Pre and post-operative instructions are reviewed, and this visit is also an opportunity for you to ask additional questions that may have arisen after your initial consultation.

What to Expect on the Day of a Facelift Procedure

Once in the pre-operative area, you will meet the nursing and anesthesiology staff who will take care of you during your procedure. Your surgeon will meet with you and your family before the procedure to review the procedure and discuss any last-minute questions you have. After the procedure is performed, you will be taken to the recovery room. You will have a facial dressing placed that will be removed the next day at your post-operative visit.

Facelift Recovery

All facelift procedures are performed as outpatient surgery, and you will be sent home with detailed post-operative instructions and pain medication. We strongly recommend having a family member or friend provide you with a ride home, and possibly be able to assist you for the first night of recovery as the anesthesia wears off. We will call you on the night of surgery to ensure that you are doing well and to answer any questions you may have. You will need to take some time off to rest and recover as your body heals. You should give yourself about two weeks before returning to your normal daily activities.

You can expect to experience some swelling after the procedure, but it is temporary and will subside in time. Once the swelling diminishes, you will be able to see the full results of your treatment. You can further enhance the results of your facelift by committing to a skincare regimen that involves daily moisturizing and keeping your skin protected from the sun when you go outside. Living a healthy lifestyle, in general, can help keep your skin looking beautiful for a long time to come.

How Much Does Facelift Cost in Seattle?

The cost of a Facelift in Seattle will vary on a number of factors, including the types of incisions that were made. The best way to find out how much your Facelift will be is to come in for your consultation and have a surgical plan created. Once this plan is made, our Patient Care Coordinator will be able to provide you with a breakdown of the price.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Amit D. Bhrany devotes his practice to aesthetic facial rejuvenation and reconstruction. He Double board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery (ABFPRS) and Otolaryngology (ABOHNS), Dr. Bhrany feels privileged to have the opportunity to make a difference in his patients’ lives and even more privileged to have your trust to allow him to participate in your care. Dr. Bhrany is a member of AAFPRS (American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery). He earned his bachelor's degree in biomedical engineering and doctorate in medicine from Boston University before completing his residency in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Washington (UW).

Working as a faculty member of the UW since 2008, Dr. Bhrany trains other surgeons in Facial Plastic Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery, both at the UW School of Medicine and as an invited speaker around the country. As the leader of Seattle Face & Skin, our team shares Dr. Bhany’s goals in helping our patients achieve a healthy, more youthful, and natural, vibrant facial appearance again, that leaves them feeling better and more confident inside.

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