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Making the choice to have a facial cosmetic procedure can be a very positive one. Whether you are interested in addressing a specific facial feature or the effect of time, we work with you to determine if a cosmetic procedure is the right decision for you, and if so, the best method to achieve your goal. Our aim is to guide you and provide results that are natural and maintain your sense of self while accentuating your best features.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


To create a natural, symmetric nose in harmony with the rest of the face, without compromising breathing.

Real patient Rhinoplasty procedure Seattle

Revision Rhinoplasty

Our surgeons specialize in correcting nasal deformities for those who have undergone a previous rhinoplasty.

Real patient Revision Rhinoplasty procedure Seattle


Repositioning tissue of the cheek & neck to restore volume and create a youthful definition of your neck & jawline.

Real patient Facelift procedure Seattle

Neck Lift

Reduces laxity and neck skin banding to provide a youthful contour and more ideal profile.

Necklift services Seattle

Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift recreates a more youthful and well rested you.

Real patient Eyelid Lift procedure Seattle

Brow Lift

Will improve crowded, hooded eyes and smoothen out forehead lines.

Real patient Brow Lift procedure Seattle

Facial Fat Grafting

A natural, longlasting method to restore a youthful facial appearance and volume using your body’s own tissue.

Chin Augmentation

The chin has a remarkable influence on the appearance of the face & neck. Augmentation can improve overall facial balance.

Real patient Chin Augmentation procedure Seattle

Lip Lift

Enhance the appearance of your lips by elevating and reshaping the upper lip.

Real patient Lip Lift procedure Seattle

Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

Changing the shape of the ear when it protrudes too much so it does not draw attention away from the rest of the face.

Real patient Otoplasty Ear Reshaping procedure Seattle

Buccal Fat Removal

Reduces excess fat in the cheek area, often referred to as the “chipmunk cheeks.”

Real patient Buccal Fat Removal procedure Seattle

Understanding The Aging Face

No one can avoid aging. But understanding how we age helps us defy it the best we can.

Seattle Face and Skin offer anti-aging procedures
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