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Undergoing a facial reconstructive procedure is often not a choice, but it can be a successful experience.

The need to undergo facial reconstructive surgery is often dictated beyond one's control - frequently due to trauma, cancer, or the way one was born. The situation surrounding a reconstructive procedure can be challanging, and we accompany you through the process to ensure that your needs are met, and that you achieve the best outcome possible.

Reconstructive Surgery Procedures

Eyelid & Cheek Reconstruction

Restablishing balance of the eyelids and cheek to rest of the face, ensuring adequate eyelid position and cheek contour.


Nasal Reconstruction

Whether deformed by cancer, trauma or nature, the nose is rebuilt allowing focus on the beauty of the face.

Real patient before and after photo showing nasal reconstruction Seattle

Nasal Surgery For Breathing

Improving your breathing while optimizing your nasal shape.

Real patient before and after photo showing nasal reconstruction surgery Seattle

Lip Reconstruction

Wound edges may by simply brought together, but wounds may require recruiting tissue from the opposite lip or cheek.

Real patient before and after photo lip reconstruction surgery Seattle

Ear Reconstruction

Restoring the ear to a more normal appearance after damage from trauma, cancer removal or piercing.

Real patient before and after photo ear reconstruction Dr. Bhrany - Seattle

Microtia Reconstruction

Creating ears for kids born with undeveloped ears (microtia), providing a more normal and confident sense of themselves.

Real patient Microtia before and after photos - Seattle

Facial Skin Cancer

Basal cell cancer is the most common skin cancer followed by squamous cell cancer, and then melanoma.

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