Eyes & Brow

Eyes & Brow Procedures

Eyelid and brow lifting can rejuvenate sagging eyelid skin, or a droopy, deflated brow to open up your eyes to a refreshed more vibrant you.

The eyes are often the first feature people notice about us. As we age, the structures of the eyebrow and eyelid lose tone and sag, which can change the shape of the eyes. This process can be accelerated by environmental (i.e. sun damage and smoking) and hereditary factors, causing excess skin, baggy eyelids, and stretched out muscles leading to a more tired or aged appearance. The eyebrows and upper eyelids are part of the same continuum and a "Brow lift" and "Eyelid lift" are commonly performed together to achieve the ideal result. Your surgeons can help evaluate these subtle features and help you decide which procedures may be best for you. 

Eyes & Brow Procedures

Brow Lift

Will improve crowded, hooded eyes and smoothen out forehead lines.

Eyelid Lift

An eyelid lift recreates a more youthful and well rested you.
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