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My hometown dermatologist identified a cancer on the right side of my nose and made an attempt to remove it with a mhos procedure. He then allowed his PA to close the wound with a small skin graft and sent me on my way. He sent a sample to a lab to confirm his diagnosis. Within a few weeks the graft site erupted. I returned to the dermatologists to find out it was a squamous cell cancer and I was referred to a specialist at the University of Washington for a second opinion. Dr. Berg brought in Dr. Amit Bhrany and together they planned the surgery (mhos) to remove the cancer and then reconstruct the site based on how the removal procedure went. The cooperation between Dr. Berg and Dr. Bhrany gave me confidence for a very good outcome.
The surgery was successful; however the cancer was more involved than expected and required reconstruction of the septum, a forehead flap skin graft where the cancer had been removed, as well as reconstructive surgery to restore my facial contour to a normal appearance. After sufficient healing, with confidence that the graft had taken, the flap was severed and the remaining reconstruction steps were completed. A follow on radiation treatment was planned to ensure no cancer cells remained. A checkup one year later showed no signs of cancer remained.
I am very pleased with the overall results. There have been no complications and one has to look very close to detect signs or scarring from this surgery.

- Facial Reconstructive Surgery Patient Seattle, WA
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After a traumatic incident (not cancer), I was in Dr. Bhrany’s excellent care for over a year and a half....

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